"Protect Ventura's hillsides, waterways, and wildlife"

The Ventura Hillsides Conservancy is the nonprofit land trust for the city of Ventura and surrounding area. Since 2003 we have  permanently protected 30 acres of open space in the Ventura River, and manage 30 acres more. We are currently in negotiations to purchase prime hillside property with the goal of opening the first large-scale, publicly accessible nature preserve in Ventura.

 "Connect people to nature"

The Conservancy is actively promoting the Ventura River Parkway project, and has built trails throughout our preserves in the Ventura River, creating much-needed access to green space. Every year we lead hundreds of local school students in science activities and field trips at our preserves. Each month we host special activities such as habitat restoration, tree planting, picnics, or hikes for the community. Connecting people to nature enhances our well-being, improves communities and benefits public health. We are always looking for more volunteers to help build trails, lead activities, and maintain our preserves.

 "Work to preserve what makes Ventura beautiful"

Open hillsides, oak groves, free-flowing rivers, family farms. We want to preserve what makes Ventura such a great place to live and visit. And we need your help! Join us as a member, volunteer, or offer your expertise to help us keep Ventura beautiful.





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